Since 1999  Double C Partners have been focused on Manufactured Homes as Real Estate. Since that time the Company has retrofitted over 1,500 Manufactured Homes.

Double C has worked for more than 50 mortgage lenders, 100s of Real Estate Agents, and 100s of individual manufactured homeowners.

What is a RETROFIT?

A retrofit is a permanency attachment which is required for any manufactured home that is going to require FHA or VA mortgage insurance. It is often referred to as a foundation and it does add structure and stability to the home but it is a “Permanency Attachment” not a foundation. It causes the home to be considered permanently attached to the land and allows it to be financed or refinanced like any other site built home. It must be designed, inspected and certified by a Registered Professional Engineer. The retrofit must be in addition to the concrete blocks and steel straps which are mandated by the manufacturer and the State of Texas and considered to be the foundation. It must be anchored in concrete and welded or bolted to the “I” beam. Read more on our FAQ page.